How I made Call to Action Examples

I am still building CTA Examples and will share the story here. Stay tuned!✨

How I made Call to Action Examples

Thank you for clicking my CTA button :)

I am still building CTA Examples and will share the full story here.

Here is what I have done so far✨

The Story

I am a non-technical indie hacker who likes to build digital products. It's been almost 5 months since I shipped my last product. Speaking of products I have built 3 products during the last year.

Info Products
Products that I created so far

Here is a quick brief of them so you'll have a better understanding that what kind of products I am building:

Product Name # Product Hunt
Landing Page Checklist 80k+ visitors #1 Product of the Day
E-Commerce Checklist $4k+ revenue #2 Product of the Day
Startup Recipes $15k+ revenue #1 Product of the Week

So, It's time to build another product. Since I don't have a technical background (still is 🫀) I wanted to build a product that I can build on my own; without any help! Here are the 4 questions that I ask myself in the beginning:

  1. It should be simple it is
  2. I need to ship the product on my own
  3. It should require minimum support and maintenance after the launch.
  4. I should make money from it

My inspirations:

Tailwind CSS Page Creator - Tails
The ultimate TailwindCSS drag-and-drop page creator.
The Best Landing Page Design Inspiration, Templates and More
Landingfolio features the best landing page inspiration, templates, resources and examples on the web. Learn from a growing library of 1,982 landing page designs and 3,829 component examples, updated daily!
Marketing Examples - The finest real world marketing examples
A gallery of real world marketing examples from successful companies. Want to perfect your cold email, boost referrals or improve SEO? Browse the case studies or filter by category. See something you like. And get inspired. It’s like Dribbble, but for marketers.

The Problem and The Assumption

People need a call-to-action library where they will be able to copy "Call to Action text" to the clipboard with just one click.

People didn't fit well. When I said people I meant growth hackers, indie hackers, website builders, designers, and copywriters. Momentarily my target audience is people who are looking for new ways to write a creative call-to-action text.

My Goals

  • Create a website that people visit regularly
  • Test new customer acquisition channels (Google Ads etc.)
  • Make as a case study
  • Ranking on the first page of "cta examples" search queries on Google
  • Make $500 monthly revenue from affiliates
  • Make recurring income form one-time sales and subscriptons.


info product roadmap
Info Product Roadmap

What do I need to build an Info Product?

  • a problem / an idea
  • time & effort for research
  • product development
  • landing page
  • payment gateway

Product Development

steps to create a coming soon page

Crate a Coming Soon Page

I created a super simple coming soon page on TallyForms

It's super easy to connect the Tally form with the domain πŸ˜‰

Free Online Form Builder | Tally
Tally is the simplest way to create free forms & surveys. Create any type of form in seconds, without knowing how to code, and for free.

I would try other tools to build a coming soon page if I hadn't had a Tally Pro account but it is more effortless to manage all of the submission-related forms in the same place.

Wireframing the Idea

here is how I wireframed it in the beginning:

first wireframe :

wireframe example

second draft:

idea wireframe

wireframe to HTML

wireframe on Whimsical

the final :

Tailwind CSS Dashboard

Landing Page with Tailwind CSS

Now it's time to build the landing page: I've decided not to build a familiar landing page. It's going to be a dashboard-like page like @harrydry did on Marketing Examples

I am still learning Tailwind CSS and it is my #1 choice when building new landing pages and products.

I love using Shuffle Editor to generate static Tailwind CSS pages. It makes my job super easy as a non-technical maker.

An online editor for busy developers

Tailwind CSS is easy for starters, and Shuffle makes it much easier for people like me. So I started playing on Shuffle's Artemis UI library.

You can drag & drop the pre-build components easily. It's worth trying if you haven't yet :)

The Gimmick: Copy to Clipboard

copy to clipboard with alpine.js

made with alpine.js

It might look like a very easy thing to do for most of you but it is something for a non-technical maker πŸ˜…

Here is what I have done last week:

I compiled and curated 200+ call-to-action examples on Airtable (my goal is 800+)

added some inner pages:
-- Wall of Love
-- Affiliates
-- Contact
-- How I made this

I do also see this project as a case study, so I shared all the tools to build here

How to build a website

I made my Analytics publicly available, thanks to @PoeticMetricHQ, so everyone can see how a website like this performs. Live Analytics πŸ“ˆ :

Share Live Analytics

btw I had big hopes (still have some) on the organic side, but the Googlebot pretends to be dead so far πŸ˜…

It took more time for my website to be indexed on Google than I imagined.

I checked my sitemap and robots.txt all appear to be okay.

Google Search Console

According to Ahref's Site Audit tool, my site is doing okay, but I think I need to wait another week to see the effects.

Tip: You get free access to Ahrefs essential tools if you connect your Google Search Console with it.

It's a win-win if you ask me :)

Ahrefs Site Audit


to be continued

come back later or subscribe :)

What to consider before starting to build?

Info Product vs Content as a Service